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HUBS displays the information you need to focus on with just one click. Compiling, sorting, and re-sorting data in a spreadsheet can be time-consuming. Now you can simply Flip the Switch—your customized dashboard delivers the results!



With trainingGrid's newest feature, HUBS, you can:

  • Quickly visualize your team’s status to focus their efforts and improve performance. 
  • Easily generate exception reports with just one click, identifying employees who still need to complete training.  
  • Drill into data to gain insights, measure results, and maintain compliance.   
  • Get the information you need in SECONDS, saving you and your team time. 

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Contact us to learn more about how HUBS can help you track the categories important to you at a glance.


Join our Webinar:  

Don't miss the upcoming webinar for clients, which will be held on July 25, 2023 at 11 AM ET. Join this webinar to hear first-hand from Kayla Hall of Refuel how HUBS is helping them track compliance at a glance.

This webinar is pre-recorded, but feel free to ask questions and we’ll follow up with you! We’ll send you a copy of the recording if you sign up and can’t make it.

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