Introducing Sidekick 


Sidekick is the trainingGrid® user's best friend, providing support for you and your team within the LMS.

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Meet Sidekick

Inspired by our office CPO (Chief Puppy Officer), Sidekick is Ready Training Online’s brand-new companion feature designed to enhance the user experience in trainingGrid®. Sidekick’s interactive functionality helps employees find answers to frequently asked questions and walk through new features and releases.

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Jeff (CEO) with Porkchop (our sidekick)
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Take the Stress Out of Support

Nowadays, it’s hard to find good, consistent, and available support you can trust. Digging for support phone numbers, waiting on hold for what seems like forever, and dealing with answering services can be stressful and takes up valuable time you and your employees could be using to run your business. 

Unlike other costly support systems, the stellar in-house support team at Ready Training Online® strives to provide the high standard of support you deserve. And now, we have an additional tool available to support users within trainingGrid®

Sidekick’s always there when he’s needed, helping employees find answers to their trainingGrid® questions whenever they need it. 

Sidekick helps navigate employees through certain trainingGrid® features or functions using step-by-step popup guides. Hands-on experience helps them not only complete the task now but also better retain the information for next time.

When employees understand how to use trainingGrid® and know more support is easily accessible, they’ll be able to focus on the most important part of the learning management systemtheir training.   

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Sidekick will never take away our exceptional in-house support team, but he’s the next best thing! Just like having your very own sidekick, he’s there for you every step of the way. Sidekick paws-itively cannot wait to become every trainingGrid® users’ best friend. 

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